4 Yoga DJs Who Are Changing How You Flow

Four popular DJs sound off on the creative process of syncing beats to asana and on their emerging roles in the yoga community.
Once a month in the mountain town of Aspen, Colorado, locals gather, mat alongside mat, for Full Moon Yoga at the Shakti Shala studio. The class is a monthly ritual, a celebration of the full moon and a way to come together and practice to music. DJ Bhakti Styler (whose given name is Tyler Lambuth) supplies the soundtrack, which varies from soft ambient sounds to electronic dance music (EDM) to pop rock like Stevie Nicks.

Yoga Party

Stopping in Snowmass as part of an eight-city tour, Wanderlust mashes up meditation workshops, art, live music, cocktail hours, and, of course, a bevy of beautiful yoginis. No doubt, the event’s backbone is yoga, yoga, and more yoga, with daily classes taught by rock stars like Seane Corn and Rod Stryker, as well as by local instructors including Evan Soroka and Aaron King. The standard Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, and Yin disciplines are all here, but so are classes with names like Yoga for Dudes, So Funk’d Up, and Mind Bending and Back Bending. Belly dancing with the Shimmy Sisters and hoopdance (yep, your childhood hula hoop just got an upgrade) with Shakti Sunrise only add to an atmosphere that will make you wonder when a Hindu-monikered DJ might take the stage. (Don’t wonder too hard; DJ Bhakti Styler will perform every day of the festival.)


expert advice:  on the power of music ...My ambition in creating vinyasa flow music mix projects is to use the journey of music to tap into people's collective memory to grow into their greatest potential by overcoming fears and moving beyond their past."


Blissful Beats: Live DJ’d classes take yogis to a whole new level of enlightenment

You arrive at the studio, set down your mat, and wait for the class to begin. Suddenly, the space is filled with the rhythmic beating of spinning music, and you are transported to an emotionally charged state of awareness where you feel ready to dive into your practice with determination and verve. Having a DJ in a yoga class provides the opportunity for spontaneity and introspection through the use of melded music that is compiled on the spot.

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The Ambassador Newsletter november, 2016

Ever wish your playlist flowed as well as your sequencing? Manduka Ambassador DJ Bhakti Styler to the rescue! Many of you might know DJ Bhakti Styler's smooth mixes from Wanderlust and other local festivals. We are grateful that this Master of Sound put together a Manduka Mantra Mix, just for the Ambassador Community.


A special thanks to DJ Bhakti Styler who helped me with the music for this episode. You can listen to him on soundcloud or, if you happen to be in Aspen, CO, you can check him out at Aspen Shakti Shala.